OpenStack Summit Session Voting Closes Soon – Your Vote Counts!

With the voting polls open for the past week, the OpenStack Foundation is collecting votes for all sessions at this Spring’s OpenStack Summit in Atlanta. Red Hat is doing its part to contribute as many innovative and useful session to the agenda. With a variety of sessions submitted, from low-level discussions on network routing and storage, all the way through real-world success stories that share experiences and lessons learned with deploying an OpenStack cloud, we’ve got a great lineup to offer you.

Each and every vote counts, so if you haven’t already voted, have a look through all the Red Hat submitted sessions and vote for your favorites! Just click on the title to cast your vote. Remember, voting closes on Monday, March 3rd.

Red Hat proposed sessions:

  1. Why you should select OpenStack versus proprietary alternatives for your private cloud
  2. Extending TripleO for OpenStack Infrastructure Management
  3. Quo Vadis Ceilometer
  4. Systems Integration: The OpenStack Success Story
  5. Mentoring Others and Yourself: An OpenStack Community Success Story
  6. Customizing Horizon Without Breaking on Upgrades
  7. Introduction to OpenStack Orchestration
  8. Application Deployment and Auto-Scaling on OpenShift Using Heat
  9. Using Cloud Management Platform to Tie Incidident Change Configuration and Catalog Management to OpenStack
  10. User Experience work withing the OpenStack Community
  11. Development and Application of the OpenStack Personas
  12. Multi-tier Application Network Topology with Neutron
  13. Under One Roof: Unified Management of OpenStack and Traditional Virtualization Infrastructure with Open Source
  14. Filling the Management Gap: Cloud Management Platforms (CMPs) Provide Missing Capabilities for OpenStack and Other Private and Public Cloud Infrastructure
  15. A Generalized Approach to Storage in OpenStack Environments with GlusterFS
  16. Lessons Learned in Real World OpenStack Deployments
  17. The State-of-OpenStack Data Processing: Savanna now and in Juno
  18. Designate: An Overview of DNSaaS for OpenStack
  19. Designate: Interactive Workshop Install and Operate
  20. OpenStack Security: Crunchy on the Outside with a Chewy Center
  21. OpenStack Security Group OSSG: An Update on Our Progress and Plans
  22. Dogtag and Barbican: Open Source Key Management
  23. Deploying OpenStack in the Enterprise
  24. Routing: Past, Present, and Future
  25. Deploy and Testing Neutron HA
  26. Real Network Scenario Testing
  27. Testing Distributed Cloud
  28. Testing for Common Network Scenarios
  29. The Massachusetts Open Cloud (MOC): A New Model to Operate and Innovate in a Vendor Neutral Cloud
  30. Implementation and Lessons Learned from Building a Large Scale Cloud (Massachusetts Open Cloud (MOC)
  31. Deep Dive into Massachusetts Open Cloud (MOC)
  32. Scale Out Cloud in Enterprise

With OpenStack Summit approaching fast, and in true Red Hat form, we look forward to sharing OpenStack code, innovations, and experiences with the community! See you in Atlanta!