Session Voting Now Open, for OpenStack Summit Paris!

The voting polls for speaking sessions at this Fall’s OpenStack Summit in Paris, France are now open to the public. This time around it seems Red Hatters are looking to participate in more sessions then any previous Summit, helping to share innovation happening at Red Hat and in the greater community.

With an incredible quantity of sessions submitted this Summit, we’ve got quite a diverse selection for you to vote on. Spanning from low-level core compute, networking, and storage sessions, to plenty of customer success stories and lessons learned.

Each and every vote counts, so please have a look through the Red Hat submitted sessions below and vote for your favorites! If you’re new to the voting process, you must sign up for a free OpenStack Foundation member username and cast your votes. Visit the foundation site here, to sign up for free!

Once you’ve signed up as a member, click on the titles below to cast your vote. Remember, voting closes on Wednesday August 6th.

Have a look at our sessions here and cast your vote! I’ve sorted by category:


  1. OpenStack Storage APIs and Ceph: Existing Architectures and Future Features
  2. Deployment Best Practices for OpenStack Software-Defined Storage with Ceph
  3. What’s New in Ceph?
  4. OpenStack and Ceph – Match Made in the Cloud
  5. Large Scale OpenStack Block Storage with Containerized Ceph
  6. Red Hat Training: Using Ceph and Red Hat Storage Server in Cinder
  7. Volume Retyping and Cinder Backend Configuring
  8. Using OpenStack Swift for Extreme Data Durability
  9. Ask the Experts: Challenges for OpenStack Storage
  10. Deploying Red Hat Block and Object Storage with Mellanox and Red Hat Enterprise Linux OpenStack Platform
  11. Vanquish Performance Bottlenecks and Deliver Resilient, Agile Infrastructure, with All Flash Storage and OpenStack
  12. GlusterFS: The Scalable Open Source Backend for Manila
  13. Delivering Elastic Big Data Analytics with OpenStack Sahara and Distributed Storage
  14. Deploying Swift on a Scale-Out File System


  1. Developing OpenStack as a Framework for NFV (Network Functions Virtualization)
  2. How Neutron Builds Network Topology for your Multi-Tier Applications
  3. Neutron is Impossible!
  4. Neutron Network Node High Availability
  5. Experience of Troubleshooting Neutron Security Groups
  6. Red Hat Training: Configuring and Using Neutron Networking
  7. How to Accommodate OpenStack to fit NFV Requirements
  8. Neutron is Not Broken: Real World Use Cases and Deployments of Neutron Without Breaking the Bank
  9. Building Scalable and Resilient Networks for OpenStack Environments
  10. Building a HyperScale Agile Infrastructure with AVI Networks and Red Hat Enterprise Linux OpenStack Platform
  11. How to Deploy Highly Scalable Clouds with AVI Networks and Red Hat Enterprise Linux OpenStack Platform
  12. Scaling Open Cloud Network Services Without Compromise
  13. Advanced OpenStack Networking with Red Hat and PLUMgrid
  14. The Open NFV Organization, Neutron, and OpenDaylight
  15. Building a Robust Infrastructure with Red Hat Enterprise Linux OpenStack Platform and PLUMgrid
  16. Optimal Resource Management Based on Policy for Cloud and NFV IaaS Use Cases in OpenStack
  17. Panel: OpenDaylight and OpenStack Developer Panel
  18. An NFV Primer
  19. Design & Deployment of Modern Cloud Infrastructures with Red Hat Enterprise Linux OpenStack Platform with Big Switch’s Bare Metal SDN-based Big Cloud Fabric


  1. Under the Hood: Libvirt/KVM Driver Juno Update
  2. Isolate Compute Node Usage with OpenStack Nova Host Aggregates
  3. Using Nested Virtualization in OpenStack with KVM

Management & Deployment

  1. An Overview of Cloud Management
  2. Staypuft, TripleO, and NetApp
  3. Adopt TripleO for Your Own Tools Project
  4. Panel: Open Source OpenStack Provisioning Tools: What, Why, and How?
  5. Getting Started with OpenStack
  6. Managing OpenSack with Satellite 6
  7. Operationalizing OpenStack Using Red Hat CloudForms Cloud Management Platform
  8. Benefits of Deploying OpenStack and CloudForms at an IT Solutions Provider
  9. Red Hat Training: Installing OpenStack with Packstack and Foreman
  10. Red Hat Training: Installing and Deploying OpenStack
  11. Deploying OpenStack Controller Services via Docker for Scalability, Portability, and Flexibility
  12. Breaking down OpenStack Deployment Barriers
  13. Highly Available OpenStack Done Right
  14. Automated Deployment: Turn-Key Monitoring
  15. How to Deploy Highly Scalable Hybrid Clouds with SCALR and Red Hat Enterprise Linux OpenStack Platform
  16. OpenStack on a Silver Platter
  17. Performance Does Matter

Shared Services

  1. Discover Heat
  2. New Horizons for the OpenStack Interface
  3. Creating a Custom Dashboard on Top of Horizon
  4. Using Ceilometer
  5. Lightweight OpenStack Benchmarking Service with Rally and Docker
  6. Rethinking Ceilometer Metric Storage with Gnocchi: Time-series as a Service
  7. OpenStack and SELinux
  8. Heat: Beyond the Basics
  9. Leveraging Existing Identity Sources for OpenStack Clouds
  10. Deploying and Auto-Scaling Applications on OpenStack with Heat

Use Case & Lessons Learned

  1. OpenStack Lessons Learned from Red Hat Architects
  2. Standards and Interoperability for Cloud Deployments with Collaborating Workload
  3. Marrying Big Data to OpenStack in Financial Services
  4. Real World SaaS, Business Process Management (BPM), and Integration as a Service (iPaaS) on OpenStack
  5. OpenStack as the Preferred Platform of IoT (Internet of Things) workloads
  6. Trystack: Free to Use Public OpenStack Cloud
  7. Improving OpenStack Scalability – A Call to Arms!
  8. Evaluating Vendors and Drivers in OpenStack Deployments with Rally + OSProfiler
  9. Building a Roadmap for Managing a Pet Friendly Cloud using OpenStack and oVirt with ManageIQ
  10. A Framework for Continuous Delivery of OpenStack
  11. Ask the Experts: OpenStack as a Service or as a Distribution?
  12. Building an Automated Compliant Public Cloud
  13. Balancing Open Source and Vendor-based Solutions in an Enterprise OpenStack Deployment
  14. UnitedStack and Red Hat Deliver OpenStack in China
  15. Delivering Policy-Driven Infrastructure with OpenStack
  16. OpenStack: The Application Game Changer
  17. The Cost of Going it Alone!
  18. Your Margins Suck! (Or You might not like this!)
  19. Managing OpenStack Logs in the Real World

Community & Development

  1. Taking the Long View: How the Oslo Program Reduces Technical Debt
  2. Observations on How OpenStack is Advancing the Art of the Community
  3. Panel: OpenStack Design Guide Panel
  4. Code, Review, Repeat – Code the OpenStack Way
  5. Not Invented Here is Not an Option” – The Importance of Cross-Community Collaboration
  6. Rowin’ In the Wind

There you have it! A cornucopia of sessions that include Red Hatters sharing code, innovations, and experiences with the community! Be sure to vote on your favorite sessions and come see us in Paris! Au revoir…