Red Hat OpenStack Platform 13 is here!

Accelerate. Innovate. Empower.

In the digital economy, IT organizations can be expected to deliver services anytime, anywhere, and to any device. IT speed, agility, and innovation can be critical to help stay ahead of your competition. Red Hat OpenStack Platform lets you build an on-premise cloud environment designed to accelerate your business, innovate faster, and empower your IT teams.

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Red Hat Certified Cloud Architect – An OpenStack Perspective – Part Two

Previously we learned about what the Red Hat Certified Architect certification is and what exams are included in the “OpenStack-focused” version of the certification. This week we want to focus on personal experience and benefits from achieving this milestone.

Let’s be honest, even for the most skilled engineers the path to becoming an RHCA can be quite challenging and even a little bit intimidating!  Not only do the exams test your ability to perform specific tasks based on the certification requirements, but they also test your ability to repurpose that knowledge and combine it with the knowledge of other technologies while solving extremely complex scenarios.  This can make achieving the RHCA even more difficult; however, it also makes achieving the RHCA extremely validating and rewarding.

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Red Hat OpenStack Platform fast forward upgrades: A step-by-step overview

New in Red Hat®️ OpenStack®️ Platform 13, the fast forward upgrade feature lets you easily move between long-life releases, without the need to upgrade to each in-between release. Fast forward upgrades fully containerize Red Hat OpenStack Platform deployment to simplify and speed the upgrade process while reducing interruptions and eliminating the need for additional hardware. Today, we’ll take a look at what the fast forward upgrade process from Red Hat OpenStack Platform 10 to Red Hat OpenStack Platform 13 looks like in practice.

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There are six main steps in the process:

  1. Cloud backup. Back up your existing cloud.
  2. Minor update. Update to the latest minor release.
  3. Undercloud upgrade. Upgrade your undercloud.
  4. Overcloud preparation. Prepare your overcloud.
  5. Overcloud upgrade. Upgrade your overcloud.
  6. Convergence. Converge your environment.

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Red Hat Certified Cloud Architect – An OpenStack Perspective – Part One

The Red Hat Certified Architect (RHCA) is the highest certification provided by Red Hat. To many, it can be looked at as a “holy grail” of sorts in open source software certifications. It’s not easy to get. In order to receive it, you not only need to already be a Red Hat Certified Engineer  (RHCE) for Red Hat Enterprise Linux (with the Red Hat Certified System Administrator, (RHCSA) as pre-requisite) but also pass additional exams from various technology categories.

Photo by Vasily Koloda on Unsplash

There are roughly 20 exams to choose from that qualify towards the RHCA. Each exam is valid for 3 years, so as long as you complete 5 exams within a 3 year period, you will qualify for the RHCA. With that said, you must keep these exams up to date if you don’t want to lose your RHCA status.

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