Red Hat Cloud Infrastructure 5 Now Available

Gordon Tillmore, Red Hat
Earlier this week, we announced the release of Red Hat Cloud Infrastructure 5.  Customers can use  this recent release to move towards open hybrid cloud working alongside existing infrastructure investments, and allowing for workload portability from a customer’s private cloud to Amazon EC2, or the reverse, if desired.   The product is our Infrastructure-as-a-Service solution providing:

  • a flexible and open solution to build out a centrally managed heterogeneous virtualization environment,
  • a private cloud for traditional workloads based on virtualization technologies, and
  • a massively scalable OpenStack-based cloud for cloud-enabled workloads

Version 5 -an important release for Red Hat Cloud Infrastructure
Version 4 already included three tightly integrated Red Hat technologies: Red Hat CloudForms, an award winning Cloud Management Platform (CMP), Red Hat Enterprise Virtualization, a full-featured enterprise virtualization solution, and Red Hat Enterprise Linux OpenStack Platform, our fully supported, enterprise grade OpenStack offering.  Red Hat Enterprise Linux has also been a key ingredient, serving as the basis for Red Hat Enterprise Virtualization and Red Hat Enterprise Linux OpenStack Platform, as well as a guest operating system at the tenant layer. And now, with Red Hat Cloud Infrastructure 5, Red Hat is introducing Satellite 6 to it’s award winning cloud infrastructure. Satellite 6 is accessible with no extra cost, to help organizations better manage the lifecycle of their cloud infrastructure.

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Free webinar on the Heat orchestration service

On Tuesday, September 30, we will presenting a Taste of Red Hat Training webinar dedicated to Heat, the Red Hat Enterprise Linux OpenStack Platform orchestration service that allows you to run multiple composite cloud applications. There will be two live sessions of the webinar run that day, at 9 am EST and 2 pm EST to accommodate the usual international audience.

Join Red Hat curriculum developer, Adolfo Vazquez, as he teaches you about the basics of the Heat orchestration service in Red Hat Enterprise Linux OpenStack Platform, the Heat core services, and how to configure applications on the OpenStack infrastructure. Content for the webinar is pulled directly from our popular Red Hat OpenStack Administration (CL210) course.

Click here for more information and to register.

The Evolution of an Ecosystem: Why Certified Partners are Critical

RHOSCIPN_logo_smallBy Mike Werner, Senior Director of Global Technology Ecosystems, Red Hat


Customers evolving toward an open, cloud-enabled IT can enjoy  OpenStack’s benefits: broad industry support, vendor neutrality, fast-paced innovation. As they move into implementation, their requirements for OpenStack solutions often share a familiar theme: enterprise-ready, fully supported, well-integrated products. The right answer should require all layers, from hardware to applications, to interoperate to add value but not complexity. This approach mandates collaboration from multiple vendors, and alignment on business and technology. In other words, a platform ecosystem.

How do we build such an ecosystem for the cloud?

We start with the solid underpinning of the OpenStack project, with its large community of technology players working on continuous testing and integration of their components, such as Networking plugins and Storage drivers.

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Repost: Red Hat’s Commitment to IceHouse OpenStack

The OpenStack Foundation unveiled its latest release – OpenStack IceHouse – on April 17, and while Bitergia is still crunching the numbers, once again, Red Hat was the top corporate contributor. While we’re certainly proud of our ongoing work in the OpenStack community, our role as a leading open source contributor is no secret. Community-powered innovation is at our core, and Red Hat’s commitment to OpenStack is no different.

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Repost: KVM Virtualization – Refining the Virtual World with Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7 Beta

Originally posted on January 29, 2014 by Bhavna Sarathy

Are the virtualization enhancements to Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7 beta relevant to your own day-to-day operations?

Read the full blog post where Bhavna Sarathy gives a deep dive and learn what’s new in the beta release and how the enhancements relate to your business.

Experience enterprise infrastructure for yourself at Red Hat Summit 2014

By Jonathan Gershater, Principal Product Marketing Manager, Red Hat

This year marks the 10th anniversary of Red Hat Summit and for the first time in San Francisco, April 14-17! At the Infrastructure as a Service zone of the Red Hat Booth, there will be demos of our cloud and virtualization technologies.

We’ll be showing a live demonstration of the latest OpenStack innovations with Red Hat Enterprise Linux OpenStack Platform 4, based on the Havana release. If you’ve ever been interested in learning more about what OpenStack is, or might already be experienced with OpenStack and would like to see the latest feature enhancements, be sure to stop by for a chat with an IaaS expert. We’ll be showing the Horizon dashboard,  images, tenants, volumes, and networks with an easy point and click interface to:

  • Launch a virtual machine instance
  • Attach storage
  • Connect to networks
  • Suspend or terminate a virtual instance
  • Create tenants
  • View usage
  • and much more…

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OpenStack Summit Spring Agenda Confirms 20 Red Hat Sessions

By Jeff Jameson, Sr. Principal Product Marketing Manager, Red Hat

On Tuesday the 25th, the OpenStack Foundation announced the session agenda for this Spring’s Summit in Atlanta. With several hundred sessions submitted to the foundation, I am pleased to announce that Red Hat has 20 sessions successfully accepted to be included in the weeks agenda.

Considering the nature of acceptance for each submitted session, it is quite inspiring to see so many Red Hat sessions were voted on – providing the confirmation that Red Hat is focusing efforts on the projects and discussions that are important to the community.

In addition to these 20 sessions throughout the week, Red Hat will also have a dedicated track for the full day on Monday May 12th from 11:15am to 6:10pm, in room B312. Here, you’ll be able to learn more about the specific efforts Red Hat is making around our commercially supported OpenStack products and joint partner solutions. We’ll be posting that full day agenda soon.

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